Sit Down Style Session 5: Christina

Jenn and I are excited to present you with this month’s Sit-Down Style Session featured blogger: Christina from The Style Storm. Christina has one of the most fantastic blogs out there. She is incredibly stylish, totally edgy and a complete sweetheart (I mean read some of the comments she leaves her fellow bloggers).  We just love her to pieces. Without further ado here she is.  Take it away Christina!
1. Describe your style in 3 words
Feminine, Classic, Bohemian 

2. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I love fashion and needed a creative outlet while studying my life away getting my doctorate. I always get inspiration from fashion blogs and I wanted to be a part of that community.  I created The Style Storm to challenge my own personal style and create unique looks that I don't always get to showcase in my normal day-to-day life. 

3. What do you like most about blogging and what are your goals for the future?
What I love most about blogging is the challenge to be creative and put together unique looks! It is an amazing way to rediscover pieces in your closet or combine them in a new way! My goals for the future are to continue to love blogging and hopefully inspire a few people along the way! Oh and maybe attend NYFW! (A girl can dream, right?) :)

4. Pick 3 favorite outfits and describe why they are your favorite.

   Original Post Here I love this look because of the mix. I love mixing unexpected pieces together (tulle + chambray) to create fun and unique looks! Also, who doesn't love tulle?

Original Post Here I love this look because it pretty much sums up my style: a feminine dress, gorgeous statement necklace, and fun shoes!

Original Post Here I love this look because it is pretty much my go-to look in the cooler months: black skinnies, a chunky knit, and some form of leopard print!

5. When not blogging, what do you like to do?
I love to run! This past year I did my first half an full marathon! I also love to bake and hang out with my friends and family!

6. You can only shop at one store for the rest of your life... Where would it be?
It would probably have to be H&M (they cover the basics and have amazing trendy pieces).... or J. Crew... or Zara! That is sooo hard! 


Sit-Down Style Session #4: Steph

Jenn and I are excited to present you with this month’s Sit-Down Style Session featured blogger: Steph from White Coat Wardrobe. Steph has such a great blog. She is incredibly stylish, classy and such a sweet lady. Without further ado here she is...

1. Describe your style in 3 words
Classic, modest, colorful

2. Why did you start blogging?
My mom is a costume designer, so I grew up with a love of textiles, and that eventually grew into a love of fashion and outfit planning. I am now a Physician Assistant student, which keeps me very busy and scientifically-minded most of my time.  I craved a creative outlet and a way for me to chronicle my work outfits and be inspired by other bloggers!

3. What do you like most about blogging and what are your goals for the future?
I LOVE the relationships that I have built from blogging! The women I have met are so supportive and so stylish, and everyone has been so kind! Each day, my fellow bloggers inspire me to remix what I already have in my wardrobe, and to expand my personal style. Blog-wise, my goals for the future include growing my readership and challenging myself to post more often. Career-wise, my goal is to graduate in June 2014 and pass my boards next summer!! :)

4. Pick 3 favorite outfits and describe why they are your favorites.

Mint Stripes + Cobalt: This is the very first outfit I posted on my blog. I wore it to the first day of orientation for my clinical year...it was a color combination that I just threw together at the last minute! The mint and the cobalt inspired my entire blog design, and this outfit incorporates a few of my favorite things: stripes, a pencil skirt, bow flats, and a statement necklace! Top + Pencil Skirt + Statement Neckace = my go-to work outfit when I am feeling uninspired!

Lace + Plaid: I have been experimenting with layering a lot lately, and this is another "happy accident", where I combined plaid and lace and it gelled quite nicely! I love the boyish quality of the plaid, and that the feminine the lace adds a feminine touch. This is another example of what I'm currently wearing to work!

Jeans + Polka Dots + Vest: I love to print mix, and this is what I call "the trifecta of print mixing"! Polka dots, leopard, and the infamous herringbone vest! This vest was such a good investment...I had my eye on it last year at J.Crew, and was able to nab it using part of my winter clothing budget and lots of coupon stacking. The price-per-wear has to be pennies by now! I grab for it pretty much every day (weather permitting haha), and it looks great with both work and weekend wardrobe picks!
5. When not blogging, what do you like to do?
PA school keeps me super busy!! "Free time" outside of school right now consists of spending time with friends, blogging, laundry and cooking (so glamorous, right?!).

6. You can only shop at one store for the rest of your life…Where would it be?
ONE STORE?! Haha, oh man! Probably Target. Ideally, it would be J.Crew but I am trying to be more budget-conscious. Targets brands have been doing a great job of keeping up with their pricer competitors, and I love a good bargain!! Plus, Target also has snacks and other stuff... ;)

Thanks so much, Steph! Be sure to stop by Steph's blog for more of this lovely lady and her fantastic style!!

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Sit-Down Style Session #3: Kaylee

Jenn and I are excited to present you with this month’s Sit-Down Style Session featured blogger: Kaylee from Kaylee Daily. Kaylee has one of the most adorable blogs out there. She is incredibly stylish, totally cute and one of the sweetest. Without further ado here she is.

1. Describe your style in 3 words.
Playful, bold, & girly 
2. Why did you start blogging?
It's a fun outlet for me to express my love for fashion and to look back on memories with my husband, family, & friends. 
3. What do you like most about blogging and what are your goals for the future?
I love picking out the outfits. My mind is constantly thinking up new outfit ideas, and I love bringing them to life on my blog. My goals for the future would be to keep meeting such lovely people, start finding sponsors, and be apart of upcoming events and conferences. 
4.  Pick 3 favorite outfits and describe why they are your favorites.
My 3 favorite outfits would have to be my tulle skirt with my baseball tee, my bow cardigan & polka dot button down, & my fruit dress. 

I love my tulle skirt! Its so much fun to wear. I loved pairing it with my baseball tee and a great statement necklace. It was a very bold move. 

My favorite dress I'll ever own is my fruit dress. I think it describes me perfectly. It's colorful & girly. It just makes me so happy when I wear it. I love Ban.do, so of course I had to wear my head scarf which adds another pop of color. 

My bow cardigan is very special to me because I have a huge love for bows and my sweet husband surprised me with it for Christmas. I almost cried. Hehe. I love the outfit because it shows a really good mix of prints.
5. What not blogging, what do you like to do?
I love spending time with my husband, we love to travel and go on adventures together. I love shopping, of course, and I enjoy making crafts and baking. 
6. You can only shop at one store for the rest of your life…Where would it be?
This is hard! Hmm... I would probably choose anthropologie. They have such a variety of unique pieces and the cutest home section too! :) 


Thanks so much, Kaylee!  Be sure to stop by Kaylee's blog for more of this adorable girl and her fantastic style!!

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Outfit: green + leopard (and life!)

Hello blog world, I have missed you! How about a favorite fall outfit and then I'll explain where I've been? I'm wearing two of my favorite things here... animal print and kelly green.

Outfit: green + snow leopard

Outfit: green + snow leopard

Outfit: green + snow leopard

Blazer - Kohl's, recent / Cropped pants - GAP, recent / Snow Leopard blouse - Target, last year
Wedges - Target, last year / Bee bracelet - Target, early this year
Necklace - J Crew Factory, early this year

So, where have I been? Well, as many of you know I decided to go back to school last year to get my teaching credential (I got my BA in 2010). I work full time at my office job and then I either go to class or have online classwork. I have been getting home at 9pm and have been too tired to do much of anything at that point. I don't want to give up on my little blog/hobby though! To keep my sanity while I finish the last7 weeks of the quarter I am going to make a few changes....

1. My new goal is to post 2 "full" outfit of the days each week and then a third post that has my outfit pics I take via Instagram (@laurennicholle3) which is much less time consuming.

2. For the most part I won't be taking the time to search for and link to everything I'm wearing. I will be sure to note where it's from and whether or not it is recent. The time to search and link (especially when it's an old item and you're trying to find something similar) is very time consuming.

3. I probably won't be linking up or commenting as much I normally would (and this is the one that makes me sad because interacting with my fellow bloggers is the best part about blogging). Again, it's just the time issue. I am going to try to set aside a couple hours each week to catch up on reading and commenting.

I hope you all understand and hang in there with me until this quarter is over... believe me I can't wait for things to get back to normal!! Hope everyone is having a fantastic October so far!

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Outfit: camo chic

It is finally starting to cool off! I held out for so long but am finally on the 'I'm ready for fall' bandwagon. Layers, dark nail polish, Starbucks PSL...bring it on, fall! I'm loving camo for fall as well. These GAP camo pants are so comfy and surprisingly versatile. Here is a dressed up and dressed down version of the pants. I wore the dressed up version to work for casual Friday and the dressed up version is a really fun weekend look. What do you think of camo? Yay or nay?

Outfit: camo chic

Outfit: camo chic

Outfit: camo chic

Outfit: camo chic

Outfit: camo chic Outfit: camo chic

Camo pants / Embellshed tee / Blazer
Heels - BCBG Outlet / Tassel necklace

Linking up!

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Outfit: pink + polka dots

Target has just done a fantastic job this fall with their women's department! Several Target items made my fall picks list. And let's not even talk about the Philip Lim madness! Some of the items (and all of the purses) sold out online and in stores within hours. Craziness, I tell ya!

There will be some upcoming posts featuring my Phillip Lim for Target haul but in the meantime I had to give some love to this lovely Target polka dot blazer. I really should have taken these pics outside because (duh!) I blend in with the white wall. Sorry! You get the idea and I'm sure I'll be wearing this again soon. The fit is SO impressive for a $34 blazer! It is absolutely up there with J Crew and Banana Republic. The seams hit where they should, it's not too loose, and it has a decent taper at the waist. The piping and button details actually are good quality. Also, these pictures were taken after a loooong day of work and "look ma, no wrinkles!". Loving it! I ordered the houndstooth version on sale for $30 and can't wait to get that one in.

Outfit: pink + polka dots

Outfit: pink + polka dots

Outfit: pink + polka dots

Blazer / Blouse - old @ F21, similar / Pants 
Shoes - Tory Burch / Necklace (was only $18!!)
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Linking up with these lovely ladies today!
Sherry @ The Life of the Party / Christina @ Simple Easy Style / Lauren @ Style Elixir

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Better Late Than Never!

I cannot believe I got so busy last week that I completely forgot to mention that I did a guest post for one of my favorite bloggers, Carylee of More Pieces of Me, on Friday. She is off in Mexico having a fabulous time. (Jealous!) Here's a little preview and in case you haven't already read Carylee's blog and you can check out the post with outfit details here.

Outfit: Fall Casual

Outfit: Fall Casual

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Two Bloggers; One Fab Shirt

Lindsey and Lauren

If you are on Instagram you may have seen the mad rush to Kohl's scoop up on Elle's jeweled-collar button-up in the last couple weeks! Why did everyone go so crazy for the blouse? Well, it is a dead ringer (except for the sleeves!) for J. Crew's famous Tilda shirt which is sold out.

Elle vs Tilda

Here is a short-sleeved version of the shirt on clearance at J. Crew right now for $90. Meanwhile the Elle collection at Kohl's did a long-sleeved take on the Tilda, here in white, blue stripes, and blue on sale for $25! Lindsey of Real Life Fabulous and I decided to team up to show you two different ways we styled our Elle versions of the jeweled-collar shirt. Lindsey has one of my favorite Instagram's (here) and I was so happy when she suggested this collaboration!

I just love how Lindsey rolled her cuffs and paired her shirt with that adorable striped skirt! What a fun combination. Check out Lindsey's details here!

Elle Top 4

Elle Top 5

Elle Top 1

Elle blouse - Kohl's / Tassel necklace - Amazon
Olive skinnies - Paige Denim, current version / Heels - old, similar-ish
I decided to pair my shirt with olive green pants and some simple jewelry. I just happened to choose my J. Crew inspired tassel necklace as well! I really love the color combination of light blue and olive green together.

Linking up with: Amber @ Real Girl Glam / Lauren @ Style Elixir

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Sit-Down Style Session #2: Jessi

Jenn and I are so happy to present this month's Sit-Down Style Session featured blogger! *drumroll please* It's Jessi of Haircut and General Attitude! Not only is Jessi absolutely gorgeous and oh-so-stylish, she is also one of the sweetest bloggers you will meet. 

1. Describe your style in 3 words:
Girly, fun and a bit vintage!

2. Why did you start blogging?
I've always been interested in the world of beauty and over the last few years I started to really LOVE fashion. I loved playing in my closet and creating outfit. I discovered style blogging and started following a few great blogs like Delightfully Tacky and Selective Potential. I felt like this was my place. My sweet Hubby told me to go for it and really helped me find the courage to get started. I jumped into this new world knowing nothing and I learn and improve  more every day. I truly love it!

3. What do you like best about blogging and what are your goals for the future?
I like getting to share what I create and being part of such an awesome community! I love getting inspiration from other bloggers and hopefully inspiring a few people myself. I love all the friends I've made and all the opportunities that have come along. I hope to keep perfecting my blog, the design, the photography, etc. I hope to keep meeting new friends and inspiring people and I hope to one day go to New York Fashion Week! Now THAT would be awesome.

4. Pick 3 favorite outfits and describe why they are your favorite.

It's feminine and romantic. SO me. I love the textures, the tulle and the pearl shoulders. -original post-

It's comfy while still keeping stylish. I love the combo of a graphic sweater over a frilly collared blouse--and any excuse to wear leggings in public! -original post-

This one is one of those fun looks that just came together with a little playing in the closet! I love wearing shorts over black tights and this cardi (borrowed from a friend) was too darling! Plus, I'm kind of obsessed with my cute rain boots. -original post-

5. When not blogging what do you do?
I love seeking adventure with my darling Hubby and exploring new places. I like depressing music, funny movies, craft nights and nighttime runs. I also work full time at a bank, but that's boring, you don't want to know that. ;)

6. You can only shop at one store the rest of your life... What would it be?
This is way too unfair... Honestly, I don't think I could! But if I HAD to choose I'm thinking ModCloth would be a good choice! They have a huge selection, and lots of fun, unique pieces to choose from. Plus, they've kinda got my style down pat.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Thanks so much, Jessi! Be sure to stop by Jessi's blog for more of this gorgeous girl and her oh so fresh style!

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