JewelMint goodies

Forgive me budget for I have sinned. I told myself no more shopping for clothes/jewelry/accessories/shoes this month. But then JewelMint had to go send me an email this morning with a promo code for 2 pieces for the price of one. Normally everything on the site is $29.99. For $15 each I just could not say no to these two lovelies. Especially the necklace. Yellow cream and sky blue with pearls and silver? Yes please!

If you're not already a member of JewelMint you can use this link to join for free. Be warned though, they will charge you $30 a month once you input your credit card information. This amount goes 100% toward a credit on your account. You can opt out each month. I DO NOT like this about their site but I think there jewelery is cute enough to deal with the inconvenience of logging in and opting out the first five days of the month. Even if you opt out you can still place an order at any time.

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