Outfit: winter blues

Can I just say I am sick sick sick of the cold?! And I really should not even be complaining. It's in the 50's here in California. And the east coast is buried in the snow. I am just pathetically unable to tolerate the cold. I drive my boyfriend and I'm sure everyone else crazy. I see all these fashion bloggers posing in the snow in a dress and tights and I'm in awe. Because, honestly? I would have a blue nose and be shaking like a chihuahua. In my next life I totally plan on being warm-blooded. I'm really ready for spring! I ended up liking this 'cold weather' outfit a lot though. Very comfortable and cozy.

Blue pea coat - Target <on clearence now for $34!
White sweater - old, Anthropologie similar
Blue gingham - ? similar
Pearls cluster necklace - old, Forever 21 similar

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