Life (Oh, and the world's cutest blazer)

Life....sometimes it's just so daily. Dunno where that quote came from but I love it. Pretty much describes my world as of late. Leaving the house at 7:45, coming home toward 9 most nights and then working some more. I had such high hopes of 'doing it all' and maintaining a blog with at least four posts a week. I fail.

But that's okay because sometimes in life we have to prioritize. Survival mode if you will. The bed is unmade, laundry piling up in the closet, the ingredients for your carefully planned new curry recipe sit in the fridge going bad, and the few outfit pictures you managed to take are parked and neglected on your SD card. And then I flipped out today because I hit an enormous pot hole (thanks CalTrans!) and was sure my (relatively new) car's alignment was screwed (I did not use such a nice expression when venting to the BF). Deep breaths. It will be okay. I constantly fall short of my own expectations and life constantly throws curve-balls. But you know what? The necessities are all good. When I dropped to bed at midnight last night and cuddled up with the pups all three of us had full stomachs. Confession: It may have been Taco Bell (for me, not the dogs) instead of the steamed veggies I had hoped for. I even squeezed in a short bath which I justified by reading a textbook while I soaked. Despite all the crazy, life is good.

Now for something that definitely cheered me up today.

I have been wanting this yellow piped blazer from Banana Republic since I saw it here on The Chloe Conspiracy. (Love her style BTW.) I saw a navy version at a BR outlet but it was still close to $100 so I didn't buy it. Full price was $150 and there was no way I'd spend that much on one blazer. While picking up a few basics on Gap.com (PS- 25% off sale items with code GAPSALE through 3/10!) I checked the BR sale items and there was that blazer, with my name on it for $75. Still a lot of money for one item, in my world anyhow. But I love it so much!

Hello yellow, can't wait to get you in my closet! On sale here for $75.

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