Vegas Recap: My Top 10 List

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I completely took last week off from blogging, and well pretty much anything that wasn't essential. Vegas was a blast but I came back exhausted and extremely behind at work and home. I had a fantastic time in Vegas. I had not been to Vegas in a long time. The Strip has changed so much! Being able to drink/gamble/club made for a different trip as well

My Las Vegas Top 10

1. Cirque Du Soleil- Mystere @ Treasure Island: This show has been on my bucket list for a long time. I was almost afraid I had built it up too much in my mind! Mystere was fantastic. I literally could not stop saying 'wow'. The BF even ended up enjoying it.

2. Lavo @ The Palazzo: My favorite club of the three we went to! Lavo is located inside the Palazzo. Of course the decor was to die for but what I liked best was that you could smoke inside (most places are ok with cigarettes but not cigars, in Lavo cigars are allowed!), the line to get a drink wasn't too long, the drinks were moderately priced for Vegas, there were places to sit even if you didn't pay for table/bottle service, and the crowd was pretty chill. The best part for me was the music. Call me crazy but I hate the EDM trend that is big in Vegas. It is just not booty bumping music!! Lavo got huge points from me for playing hip-hop, a little old school, and top-40. Loved it.

3. Encore Wynn: Our hotel was amazing. I've stayed in some nice hotels but this was one of the best. The room was top quality and the bed to die for. Room service was delicious and the staff were very thoughtful. The spa was out of this world (I didn't use it but you walked by to get the pool). The hotel's decor is very bright, very gold, and heavy on the butterfly accents! Mariah Carey would be right at home. I really liked how open and light it was. The darker casinos can get a little depressing. The casino floor is joined between Wynn and Encore so really it's like having two sets of casinos/restaurants/amenities for the price of one.

4. Bacchanal Buffet @ Caesar's Palace: We had three buffets. We tried the buffets at the Wynn, the Bellagio, and Caesar's Palace. Bacchanal was our favorite. Between the buffets, room service, eating out, deserts, etc. I gained like four pounds. But it was worth it. Bacchanal had everything and the quality was excellent. I literally had breakfast, then Asian food, then Italian, then Mexican, a little American for good measure, and desert to top it off. None of the breakfast food beat the custom made omelet at the Wynn though! I would kill for one right now.

5. Titanic Exhibit @ Luxor: I'm a nerd at heart. I love history. I've always been interested in the Titanic. So of course I had to see this. Not only do they have all sorts of artifacts from the wreck, they also recreated parts of the ship such as the grand staircase. Very cool.

6. Sinatra's @ Encore Wynn: Italian food and Sinatra music? Count me in. This restaurant was very pricy but it was worth it. Personally I would have been happy to just chow down on an enormous plate of the polenta fries which we got as an appetizer. My pasta was delicious as well.

7. Tryst @ Wynn: One of three nightclubs in the Wynn/Encore. I could be a little biased because the BF's company picked up the tab for table/bottle service but this club was a ton of fun. A little heavy on the EDM but it was the more dance-able type, not too techno. The club is part inside and part outside. It looks out onto a really pretty water feature. The one downside was that they have the speakers out on the floor right where you dance. I swear my hearing has not quite recovered! They get bonus points for being okay with barefoot table/ledge top dancing. Anytime I can dance barefoot I'm in heaven.

8. Butterfly Garden @ The Bellagio: If it weren't for the tourists with cameras you might forget you're in Vegas. The Bellagio changes out their gardens four times a year and they really go above and beyond. There's a butterfly house in the middle of the conservatory that houses hundreds of beautiful butterflies. Best part? It's free (and a nice break from the casino vibe).

9. Premium Outlets North: Las Vegas is home to two premium outlets. Check the website before you go but I found that the North had more stores that I was into. Shopping with the BF made for a quick trip here! Guys and shopping do not mix. I ended up getting a necklace at J Crew and my first pair of Tory Burch flats. Possibly my favorite quote ever came from the BF, "What's the name of that store you wanted to go to? Story Pine? Something tree?"

10. Walking the Strip, wondering in and out of all the casinos: I really enjoyed just walking around and checking out the different casinos. I would have enjoyed it even more if I had started the day off with flats. After my blisters got blisters I broke down and bought a ridiculously overpriced pair of flip-flops at Treasure Island. Live and learn. If you've never been to Vegas, this is a good place to get started. There are tons of free shows and things to see. Treasure Island does a pirate themed show, there are the fountains at Bellagio, Caesar's Palace does a free show, and the Mirage had their little 'volcano'. Lots to see without spending a cent!

PS- Found this cool site for easily saving pics straight from your Instagram. No registration needed. It's http://copygr.am/laurennicholle3/ (except you obviously want to replace my username with yours!). Easy as pie!


Outfit: damask + pop of red

pop of red 1

pop of red 2

pop of red 3

pop of red 4

Isn't it funny how some of your favorite outfits end up being the ones you throw on last minute without any planning? This was one of those. I ended up getting several compliments. Go figure. I love these red shoes and think the little color pop they give makes the outfit.

Damask Black and White Capris - Ann Taylor Loft '12, similar @ Zappos
Black Blouse - Express Portofino Shirt
Red Ankle Strap Shoes - Prabal Gurung for Target, sold out


Off to Vegas!

Las Vegas Sign

This is where I'll be until Sunday. :) This will be my first trip to Vegas as an adult. The last time I was here I was in a training bra. Ha. I'm really looking forward to spending time with the BF. I'll be shopping and hanging by the pool while he has meetings. (It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!) And when the sun goes down we've got several clubs we want to hit. Oh and we're seeing Mystere on Saturday. So expect a fun Vegas recap and outfits-Vegas style next week!!

PS- I'll try to post some pics between drinks! I'm @laurennicholle3 on Instagram.


Outfit: mint + chevron

mint mod 1

mint mod 2

mint mod 3
How about a cheerful minty mod outfit for casual Friday at work? I'd been waiting to pull this Mod Cloth chevron blouse out ever since I bought it in December. I really like Chevron. I hope it sticks around for awhile.

On a serious note, I was very sad to hear about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I am so tired of the senseless violence. I have major respect for the professionals, runners, bystanders, and volunteers who ran toward the bomb sites to see if they could help. Selfless and loving acts such as those do a little to restore my faith in humanity in the wake of such ugliness. 

Chevron Blouse - ModCloth
Mint Jeans - J Crew Factory
Shoes - Steve Madden, old
Necklace - Target, similar
Bracelet - local boutique


Outfit: Preppy for Work in Navy and Khaki

Today I have a classy and simple work outfit with khaki, navy, white, and gold accents to share. This is on the more formal end of business casual (especially for in California). I do prefer more color but as far as basics go this works well.

navy and khaki 1

navy and khaki 2

navy and khaki 3

What a week! I've had one of those weird weeks where you just feel down. Maybe it had to do with paying my taxes today and finally paying to fix that annoying crack in my windshield (thanks for the crappy roads CalTrans!). That was a good chunk of the ol paycheck gone. There were also changes at my job and the boyfriend has been in Los Angeles all week on business. I think I underestimate what a mood-boost it is just to get a hug from him at night.

For those tall girls out there, these pants are a 4L at Banana Republic (Sloan fit). I'm 5'10" and they were actually a little too long! Then again, I don't wear over 3 inch heels to work. With big heels the length would probably be perfect. I liked the fit but they loosened up quite a bit throughout the day. I washed on hot and they went back to original size like a charm.

White Cardigan - Banana Republic, outlet '12 similar
Navy Tie-front Blouse - Banana Republic, outlet '12 similar
Bronze pumps - Dress Barn (old)


Outfit: BCBG pink blouse + olive skinnies

pink and hunter green 1

pink and hunter green 2

pink and hunter green 3

I'm big into color combinations at the moment. Pink and green are so good together! I especially love blush pink and olive green. But you can do almost any shade of pink and green- olive green and bright fuchsia, kelly green and hot pink, kelly green and baby pink, etc. These little kitten heels are possibly the oldest shoes I own. They are from way back when Isaac Mizrahi was designing for Target. I know I had them at least as far back as when I was a freshman in high school and that was ten years ago this fall (yikes!). I heard somewhere ten years is the 'vintage mark'. Ha. I've re-glued the soles several times and they are a little scuffy but I still love 'em!

Blouse - BCBG outlet
Skinnies - Paige Denim
Shoes - similar


Outfit: mint blazer + floral print blouse

mint floral 1

mint floral 2 mint floral 3

mint floral 4

This outfit combines two of my favorite things: mint and floral print! I love this dreamy watercolor like floral print blouse from Forever 21. So perfect for spring and you can't beat the price. This was a casual Friday outfit for work a couple weeks back. Fun and easy.

I'm toying with the idea of attempting to tailor this blazer. It fits perfect in the shoulders; the sleeve and overall length is just right; of course the mint color is great...It's just not as fitted in the waist as it could be. So, I think it gives me a bit of a boxy look. If I could taper the mid part of the sides it would look a lot better. I don't even want to think of the huge stack of alterations I have. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I have successfully tailored a pair of pants but I haven't devoted the time to watching videos and reading up on how to do more advanced alterations like taking in a blazer. I will definitely get there! Being tall and shaped like I am means a lot of clothes don't work and if they do work they need alterations. Given the choice between adding another $15-50 on to the cost of a piece of clothing and learning to do it myself I'm going for the DIY route!

Blouse - Forever 21, sold out, option 1 option 2
Blazer - Nordstrom's Rack '12 similar
Flats - Target


Outfit: cobalt cardigan + kelly green button-up + gold accessories




One of my favorite color combinations is green and blue. It just says spring/summer to me. I especially like cobalt blue and kelly green. They go so well together! I thought this was a fun work look. I am such a fan of rolling the sleeves of a blouse and cardigan up. It's just an extra little pop of color. I paired this look with a gold necklace and bracelet to go with the button details on the cardigan.
Button-up blouse - Ann Taylor Outlet '12 similar
Cardigan - Banana Republic Outlet '12 similar
Pants - Paige Denim
Flats - Charlotte Russe '12 similar
Necklace - Forever 21 '12 similar
Bracelet - Juicy
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