Outfit: Preppy for Work in Navy and Khaki

Today I have a classy and simple work outfit with khaki, navy, white, and gold accents to share. This is on the more formal end of business casual (especially for in California). I do prefer more color but as far as basics go this works well.

navy and khaki 1

navy and khaki 2

navy and khaki 3

What a week! I've had one of those weird weeks where you just feel down. Maybe it had to do with paying my taxes today and finally paying to fix that annoying crack in my windshield (thanks for the crappy roads CalTrans!). That was a good chunk of the ol paycheck gone. There were also changes at my job and the boyfriend has been in Los Angeles all week on business. I think I underestimate what a mood-boost it is just to get a hug from him at night.

For those tall girls out there, these pants are a 4L at Banana Republic (Sloan fit). I'm 5'10" and they were actually a little too long! Then again, I don't wear over 3 inch heels to work. With big heels the length would probably be perfect. I liked the fit but they loosened up quite a bit throughout the day. I washed on hot and they went back to original size like a charm.

White Cardigan - Banana Republic, outlet '12 similar
Navy Tie-front Blouse - Banana Republic, outlet '12 similar
Bronze pumps - Dress Barn (old)

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