Outfit: mint blazer + floral print blouse

mint floral 1

mint floral 2 mint floral 3

mint floral 4

This outfit combines two of my favorite things: mint and floral print! I love this dreamy watercolor like floral print blouse from Forever 21. So perfect for spring and you can't beat the price. This was a casual Friday outfit for work a couple weeks back. Fun and easy.

I'm toying with the idea of attempting to tailor this blazer. It fits perfect in the shoulders; the sleeve and overall length is just right; of course the mint color is great...It's just not as fitted in the waist as it could be. So, I think it gives me a bit of a boxy look. If I could taper the mid part of the sides it would look a lot better. I don't even want to think of the huge stack of alterations I have. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I have successfully tailored a pair of pants but I haven't devoted the time to watching videos and reading up on how to do more advanced alterations like taking in a blazer. I will definitely get there! Being tall and shaped like I am means a lot of clothes don't work and if they do work they need alterations. Given the choice between adding another $15-50 on to the cost of a piece of clothing and learning to do it myself I'm going for the DIY route!

Blouse - Forever 21, sold out, option 1 option 2
Blazer - Nordstrom's Rack '12 similar
Flats - Target

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  1. Found you via Plane Pretty/your comment on my own blog! I see you're a big fan of mint/teal/turquoise, just like me! I love the blazer!


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