(First!) Instagram Weekly Recap

I love the idea of doing a weekly Instagram wrap-up. I've seen other bloggers do this and I'm copying! I got an Instagram a couple months ago but only recently got hooked. That's usually how it is with me and trends..."Eh, I don't think I want to do that" "Hhm, maybe I could give it a try" "OMG...obsessed!"

1This is what #tvtime looks like in my casa. #shethinksshespeople #labs #snugglesesh #needy
What is with this weather?! #stuckinside #pinterestaddict #sbux #lazysunday #ipad Loving this #statementnecklace by @jewelmint! Blouse from @apricotlanebakersfield. #instastyle
- First Snow Cone of the season! These stands pop up all over town for just a few months in Spring and Summer. Tequila Sunrise is my guilty pleasure.
- My lab, Kate, thinks she's a person. A very needy person. This is how I spent my Friday, cuddled up watching true crime shows.
- Today we had a massive windstorm of Dust Bowl proportions. I snuck out to get a killer workout in at the gym and then rushed right back indoors. Spent the afternoon browsing Pinterest, enjoying my new iPad Snugg case.
- Selfie! Me and my new favorite necklace, driving home from work.
I need to work on my Instagram picture game! Life is too short not to take pictures. You can follow along here, I'm laurennicholle3!... I always follow back!
Hope everyone has a fantastic week.

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