May No Shopping Challenge

I became interested (and by that I mean got obsessed) with fashion about a year ago. Pinterest played a huge role in that. For the first time I saw the practical application of the trendy looks I would see in magazines and dismiss with a, 'Psh, there's no way I can do anything like that on my budget.' I discovered some fantastic fashion blogs and the rest is history.

Fashion and developing a 'style of one's own' has been an incredible hobby for me. I discovered what a difference it makes to your self-esteem when you take time to really plan and put your clothes together. Now if I go a few days without getting a compliment on what I wear I start to feel sad. Pathetic but true! Fashion is also something that provides constant stimulation. There's always a new blog post/shop/collection/sale/magazine/etc. The pool of ideas and inspiration is literally endless.

But there's also an ugly side to fashion: greed and envy. Yep, if you're not careful you can easily get sucked into committing not one but two of the seven deadly sins. Envy is pretty obvious. There are a ton of bloggers whose closets I'd kill for. But I have the ability to admire and get ideas from those girls without getting caught up in what I don't have. Because let's be honest... I can drool over Louboutins all day and I'm never going to spend that big a chunk of my paycheck on shoes. So I'm cool with it.

Greed is the fashion sin that I struggle with. Thoughts I'm not proud of:  "If one top is nice, two is better. If only I had X, Y, and Z I would be so much happier. My closet is packed to the brim with clothes but I need to go shopping. I haven't got a package in the mail in a while, this really sucks. I don't want brand A, I want brand B. I haven't gotten anything new in forever (after like one week without shopping)."

In some ways buying clothes and jewelery (I'm just not a big shoe girl) has become my drug. My little happiness booster. Bored at work? Shop. Had a bad day? Shop. Frustrated with a situation at home? Shop. My saving grace is that I'm a bargain shopper. I may shop a lot but I don't spend a lot. Or at least I don't think I do until the receipts start adding up! Financially I can afford to shop and cover all my bills. But that doesn't leave much for savings. And at what point is enough enough?

I am definitely not abandoning my little fashion addiction! I am however cutting back on the excess shopping that has become such a big part of my life. I need to learn to deal with my issues and not shop to temporarily forget them. My happiness needs to come from meaningful relationships, interactions, and experiences--not things. I'm actually looking forward to being forced to find new outfits using what I have! Out of desperation comes creativity, right? :)

Goals for May

1. NO shopping for clothes or anything fashion related. No matter how cute or how on sale. Period.
2. Clean out my closet...sell newer items on Ebay, older items to Goodwill.
3. Focus on me. I need to find balance and positivity in my life. What does this look like? I'm not sure yet. I know I'm back on track with eating right and working out. I still want to completely cut out eating out. I want to add yoga and meditation and get back in the habit of going to church on Sundays. I'm also going to read Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life. It might seem like negative thinking has nothing to do with shopping but I want to make sure I don't get in to habit of shopping to feel happy or forget my troubles. And I can see that pattern starting. It's all connected.

Have you ever tried a 'no shopping challenge'? If so, for how long? How did it go? I'd love to hear!

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  1. This is such a great post! I have struggled with all of these and I usually shop to make me feel better, but I recently quit my job and went back to school full time so I no longer have the spare money to go shopping when I'm down. I might make my self a list! It will look a lot like yours! :)
    xo jess


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