Outfit: kelly green + cobalt + ivory + leopard

OOTD: cobalt + kelly green 1

OOTD: cobalt + kelly green 2

OOTD: cobalt + kelly green 3

Cobalt and kelly green are one of my favorite color combos. Here's another kelly green and cobalt outfit from last month. See, told you I liked those colors together! 
The work dress code in my office is business casual, emphasis on the casual. I do not think I could handle working anywhere where the dress code was formal. I spent my childhood years forced to wear school uniforms and I could not go back to wearing bland, ugly clothes. Fashion is more than just looking cute...it really is a form of self-expression. And that's why I'm so opposed to uniforms/dress codes. Uniforms really make you lazy about your appearance (which they're designed to do, especially in private religious schools like the one I went to). No matter what you do you're going to look the same as every other person. When I transferred to a public high school I literally had no idea how to dress. It really wasn't up until last year that I consciously planned out a wardrobe, spent time mixing and matching, and really came up with my own style. So there you have it...I blame my awful private school uniforms for the years I spent as an unstylish young adult!

Neck-tie ivory blouse - Banana Republic '12 similar
Cobalt cardigan - Banana Republic '12 similar
Kelly green capris - Express
Flats - Target


  1. Great outfit :) love the colour combination.

    x Angie

  2. Thank you! Yeah..I'm a little obsessed with green and blue together. Hehe.


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