Outfit: seahorse cardi + chambray + pink

TGIF! I don't know about you but I am extremely glad it's Friday. I saw this super cute seahorse cardigan on clearance at Target the other weekend. I used a (non-clothes) return credit to get it so 'technically' that's not cheating on #closetremixchallenge...right?! For $11 I just couldn't pass it up. I see so of many you bloggers rocking the seahorse button-up but I just did not love it on me. I'm happy I can still jump on the trend with this cardigan.

Outfit-seahorse cardi-chambray-pink

Outfit-seahorse cardi-chambray-pink

Outfit-seahorse cardi-chambray-pink

chambray / seahorse cardi / skinnies / flats- Tory Burch (similar)

Chambray worn previously: 1) with a skirt 2) with a striped cardigan

And a BIG thank you to Christina for featuring my 10 Statement Necklaces Under $30 post on her blog, Simple Easy Style today for the Friday link-up!


Outfit: Pretty in Pink

If you caught yesterday's post you know that I was operating on about 5.5 hours of sleep on Tuesday. So this is what I came up in my morning rush to not be 'too' late to work. My conclusion by the end of the day was that I don't wear enough pink. All day long I felt cheery and girly with my floral print blouse, pearls, pink pants, and pink ballet flats (did you notice the cute little bows on the toe?!).

OOTD Pretty in Pink

OOTD Pretty in Pink

OOTD Pretty in Pink

 blouse, local (similar) / pants / necklace / flats (similar)
bracelets: gold bangle, C Wonder / translucent stones, Groopdealz

Posting two days in a row! Giving myself a pat on the back for that one. I am in the process of making some minor tweaks here and there to improve your overall experience of the blog. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have most everything done and I can then switch over to my new custom domain which will be: styleofonesown.com Wow, that feels pretty cool to type out! Also as of now I have updated my email. You can now reach me at lauren@styleofonesown.com Thank you so much for the continued support and encouragement. Who says women can't get along? I have 'met' so many wonderful ladies these last few months that I've been blogging. I have experienced only kindness. Never have I seen one style blogger putting another done. I'm so glad to be part of the community (even if it's just a small part for now!).

How is everyone's week going? Hopefully well. We're almost half way to the weekend! Happy Hump Day!!


Outfit: chambray blazer + stripes + Camellia necklace

So, I had the best intentions of getting this post up last night instead of today. Then I happened to start reading the Amanda Knox book, Waiting to Be Heard on my iPad Kindle app. Buh-bye evening! I may or may not have stayed up until 1am reading. I am a bit of a true crime junkie. My boyfriend doesn't get it at all. I get hooked to all the major cases, love to watch Dateline on Fridays, and usually have a true crime book going. It's my guilty pleasure. I seriously considered law school at one point and had even begun to study for the LSAT. Anyhow, if you're looking for a quick summer read I definitely recommend the book! On to the outfit...

OOTD: stripes + chambray blazer

OOTD: stripes + chambray blazer

OOTD: stripes + chambray blazer
chambray blazer / striped top (similar) / pants / Tory Burch flats (similar) / 
necklace Anthropologie (not online anymore) / nail color
This week's trend link-up on Walking in Memphis in High Heels and The Fashion Canvas is chambray. Now, I love me some chambray. I used a chambray button-up as one of seven pieces when I did the 7x7 Remix Challenge. And here is my favorite way to style a chambray in the cooler months. It is just such a versatile trend! I hope it is here to stay. Also, can I just say I am kinda in love with my Anthropologie Camellia necklace? She is quite the beauty.


10 Fabulous Statement Necklaces Under $30

Statement necklaces are so in right now. Just browse Kate Spade and J Crew and try not to drool on your keyboard. But not all of us are ready to dish out $100+ on a necklace, no matter how drool-worthy it may be. Here are 10 budget friendly options that are just as stylish as their more expensive counterparts. The best part? They are all UNDER $30! What a bargain.

Statement Necklaces
1  $20  /  2  $16  /  3  $14  /  4  $13  /  5  $21 
  $26  /  7  $23  /  8  $28  /  9  $20  /  10  $28

Also a big thank you to Christina at Simple Easy Style for featuring this look of mine on her blog today! Also be sure to check out Jenn over at The Brandied Pair...she is featured as well! Oh and Happy Weekend everyone!

Today I am linking up with:
Christina @ Simple Easy Style / Sherry @ The Life of the Party /


Outfit: floral print + lemon + mint

This floral watercolor blouse from Forever 21 is one of my favorites. You may have seen it before here. I actually walked past this blouse in the store and scrolled through it online thinking it was too yellow or too bright. Then I saw this post by Jenn @ The Stylish Housewife. It was so lovely on her that I just had to order myself one! I'm glad I did because it was sold out just a couple weeks later.

Sunshine florals

Sunshine florals

Sunshine florals

Sunshine florals

Blouse- F21 (similar) / Cropped pants / Flats / Necklace


Outfit: stripes + chambray + pearls

I have had this cardigan sitting in my closet with tags since December! It wasn't thick enough to wear during winter so it sat forgotten. I was looking for an easy outfit this morning that didn't require ironing and I had a little stroke of inspiration with my short sleeved chambray. The light colored striped cardigan pairs well with the darker denim and the 3/4 sleeve length makes it perfect for keeping warm in an office that cranks the AC in summer.

OOTD: stripes + chambray + pearls

OOTD: stripes + chambray + pearls
Cardigan / Chambray / Khakis- Express (similar) / Pumps- Cole Haan via Nordstrom Rack

Hope everyone had a great Monday! If nothing else, we're one day closer to Friday, right?!


Outfits: Navy + Yellow x2

Hope you're not too sick of navy and yellow together after my 7x7 Challenge post! But this is a color combination I just love. I was cleaning out my camera from recent OOTD pictures and realized I wore the same white pants and navy blazer two times in two weeks...oops!

Version 1

OOTD: navy and yellow

OOTD: navy and yellow
Buttoning the blazer makes it slightly dressier.

OOTD: navy and yellow
tie-front blouse (similar) / blazer (similar) / pants / shoes (similar)
Version 2

OOTD: navy and yellow
Kind of in love with these cork-toe flats!

OOTD: navy and yellow

tee / blazer (similar) / pants / necklace / shoes

Linking up with: Sherry @ The Life of the Party & Christina @ Simple Easy Style

Happy weekend all!


7X7 Remix: 7 Pieces 7 Ways!

7 pieces of clothing (including shoes!), 7 outfits! This challenge was just the encouragement I needed to remix my closet and freshen up on my mix and match skills.

7x7 Challenge

1. Marigold T-Shirt - Target - $8 (exact)    2. Chambray - Target -$30 (similar)
3. Navy and white striped shirt - C Wonder - $15 with code SALE50 (exact)
4. Navy button-up - Forever 21 - $23 (similar)  
5. Printed ankle pant - C Wonder - $42.50 with code SALE50 (exact)
6. White pants - Express - $80 (exact)     7. White flats - MIA @ Zappos - $60 (similar)


When I got serious about building a versatile wardrobe I had to learn how to mix and match. It is simply the best way to stretch your budget. Here I am a year later and I consider myself fairly good at the whole mix and match game but this challenge was a big stretch! In all honesty...I had some doubts about whether or not I could pull this off. 7 pieces...including shoes?! But it forced me to get creative and I'm so glad I did it. I really like my picks. They are different enough that you could wear all 7 outfits on a week-long vacation and not be an "outfit-repeater". And yes, I was an over-achiever and did 8.

1  2

3  4

5  6

7  8

How I did it:

-It definitely helps to pick a color scheme. I chose one of my favorite combinations- navy and yellow.
-2 interest pieces: the printed C Wonder pants & the navy striped C Wonder shirt
-1 convertible button-up (can go long to short sleeves) in a color that goes with both pants.
-1 solid color that matches with both pants and that can be worn under all of the shirts. I chose a marigold color.
-1 convertible layering piece: the chambray. Can be worn on its own or over the other shirts (buttoned up, tied, tucked, open, the options are numerous).
-1 basic pair of pants that goes with all the tops. I chose ivory.
-1 pair of basic (yet totally cute) shoes. I went with my Tory Burch white on white flats. They go with just about everything I own. They were on sale for $130 at an outlet store and they have more than paid for themselves with how often I wear them! (I could not find these online anywhere so I linked to a similar pair.)

So, let's do the math...
Total cost of clothes/shoes: $258.50 divided by 8 outfits = $32.31 an outfit
Pretty impressive!

Did you do the challenge? If so be sure to leave me a comment so I can go check it out. :)

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PS- Thanks so much to Bethany and Meghan for featuring this look of mine today! They host a lovely weekly link-up...check it out if you haven't already.


Outfit: gray, pink, and mint

OOTD: pink, gray, and mint

OOTD: pink, gray, and mint

OOTD: pink, gray, and mint OOTD: pink, gray, and mint

Blouse F21 (similar) / Crop pants / Shoes (similar) / Necklace

Gray is probably the most under-utilized color in my wardrobe. Kate of The Small Things Blog wears a lot of gray and always looks very chic. I was reading this post of hers and a light-bulb went off...why do I never think of gray when I think of neutrals? It's the perfect pairing for bright colors. These gray cropped pants (ankle pants if you're shorter!) from Target had my name on them. I love the quatrefoil pattern. The pattern is fun but not overwhelming. The gray tones the outfit down enough to pair with bright pink and a mint necklace. I just may be a gray convert!


Instagram Weekly Recap 6/3 - 6/9

Day 9: from down low; really like how this shot turned out!! #fmsphotoaday #photoaday #photochallenge #garden #flowers #sunlight #beautiful Weekend #ootd  #instastyle #instafashion #casual #casualstyle #wiw Day 8: animal; 2 for 1 because I felt bad not including both of my #furbabies  #fmsphotoaday #photoaday #photochallenge #abeautifulmessapp
Day 7: bright #fmsphotoaday #photoaday #photochallenge In love with these #cwonder pants! #ootd #wiw #instastyle #instafashion #colorful #whatiwore #style #closetremixchallenge Day 6: transportation. Love driving her. #myride #mybaby #washedandwaxed #elantra #fmsphotoaday #photoaday #photochallenge
Today's #details. Green on green.  #closetremixchallenge #ootd #wiw #whatiwore #style #instastyle #instafashion #statementnecklace Tagged yesterday by the lovely @whitschoop for #widn About to do my first ever #kettlebell #workout. Excited to try it out! What are you beauties up to?? @bandeausandbows @agapelovegirl @lindseyb_rlf Day 5: environment #fmsphotoaday #photoaday #photochallenge #nature #roses #beautiful
No excuses this month! No shopping.  Any of you ladies doing the challenge this month? #closetremixchallenge #ootd #wiw #instastyle #instafashion Day 4: after dark #latenightswim #fmsphotoaday #photoaday #photochallenge #pool #swimming #mykindofworkout Day 3: on my <nightstand> table... #candles #dahlia #books. #fmsphotoaday #photoaday #photochallenge #bookworm

My week in pictures... the temperature has been in the triple digits in my part of California. I can't complain though because the pool is just about the perfect temperature. I spent most of my weekend in the pool- my favorite place to be. I'm so proud that I've stuck with the FMS Photo Challenge and haven't missed a day! If some of my pictures seem random, they're probably for the challenge. :) You can hover over the pictures for details from Instagram.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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