7X7 Remix: 7 Pieces 7 Ways!

7 pieces of clothing (including shoes!), 7 outfits! This challenge was just the encouragement I needed to remix my closet and freshen up on my mix and match skills.

7x7 Challenge

1. Marigold T-Shirt - Target - $8 (exact)    2. Chambray - Target -$30 (similar)
3. Navy and white striped shirt - C Wonder - $15 with code SALE50 (exact)
4. Navy button-up - Forever 21 - $23 (similar)  
5. Printed ankle pant - C Wonder - $42.50 with code SALE50 (exact)
6. White pants - Express - $80 (exact)     7. White flats - MIA @ Zappos - $60 (similar)


When I got serious about building a versatile wardrobe I had to learn how to mix and match. It is simply the best way to stretch your budget. Here I am a year later and I consider myself fairly good at the whole mix and match game but this challenge was a big stretch! In all honesty...I had some doubts about whether or not I could pull this off. 7 pieces...including shoes?! But it forced me to get creative and I'm so glad I did it. I really like my picks. They are different enough that you could wear all 7 outfits on a week-long vacation and not be an "outfit-repeater". And yes, I was an over-achiever and did 8.

1  2

3  4

5  6

7  8

How I did it:

-It definitely helps to pick a color scheme. I chose one of my favorite combinations- navy and yellow.
-2 interest pieces: the printed C Wonder pants & the navy striped C Wonder shirt
-1 convertible button-up (can go long to short sleeves) in a color that goes with both pants.
-1 solid color that matches with both pants and that can be worn under all of the shirts. I chose a marigold color.
-1 convertible layering piece: the chambray. Can be worn on its own or over the other shirts (buttoned up, tied, tucked, open, the options are numerous).
-1 basic pair of pants that goes with all the tops. I chose ivory.
-1 pair of basic (yet totally cute) shoes. I went with my Tory Burch white on white flats. They go with just about everything I own. They were on sale for $130 at an outlet store and they have more than paid for themselves with how often I wear them! (I could not find these online anywhere so I linked to a similar pair.)

So, let's do the math...
Total cost of clothes/shoes: $258.50 divided by 8 outfits = $32.31 an outfit
Pretty impressive!

Did you do the challenge? If so be sure to leave me a comment so I can go check it out. :)

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PS- Thanks so much to Bethany and Meghan for featuring this look of mine today! They host a lovely weekly link-up...check it out if you haven't already.


  1. Love this! I love your outfits are so cute! The floral pants are to die for. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. This is such a good remix! I definitely agree that you could wear each of these on a week-long vacation and not be an "outfit-repeater." I love all of your outfits!


  3. Such cute outfits! Love love love those fabulous floral pants :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Oh my gosh those fruit/floral pants are to die for!! You totally rocked this challenge!! Thanks for the inspiration! Susan

  5. I love this challenge and you did a great job with it. Great tips for success too :)

  6. Great post on how to maximize these looks.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Kate Spade and Leopard'. I think you would love it.



  7. Oh wow those patterned pants are FUN! Cute outfits!

    Laura @ The Merger Journal


  8. You did an incredible job with this challenge, Lauren! I love those C. Wonder pieces, they are truly outfit makers. Also, the price per outfit? AMAZING! Thanks for joining in.

  9. I love your outfits! You did a great job! I'm going to be trying this challenge soon! ; ) Don't forget to come linkup next Tuesday if you can.

  10. I am loving every single one of your remixes! Well done, lady!

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions :)

    Lauren xx

  11. Very impressive. Mixing and matching is definitely something I want to get better at myself.

  12. Well done, Lauren! I am impressed! Great advice too! I didn't know about this challenge, but I think I need to give it a try soon! Thanks for linking up with us again this week! :)

    xoxo Meghan

  13. Very impressive, Lauren! Love all the looks!!!


  14. Fabulous Lauren! Such great looks for summer!! I love the color combination in the last outfit!!

  15. Loooove those printed pants!!

    xo, -Elizabeth

  16. Such a great idea for a blog post! You picked both trendy + versatile pieces!

  17. Awesome job, my favorite combo is the floral pants and denim button up!

  18. You did such a great job with this! Love all your outfits :)

    Style Diary


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