How I Save Big When I Shop

When people tell me, "Wow, you shop a lot!" I like to respond that I do shop more than the average girl but I make up for it by being a smart shopper. I rarely pay full retail price for my clothes. Today's Express order is a perfect example of how I save money while still wearing my favorite brands. I saved a huge 60% off of my order! Here's how I do it.

1. Sign up for a company's email list. Yes, it's a pain to get a bunch of store emails everyday. Going through and deleting ones you don't need or aren't interested in is a small price to pay for being the first to know about killer sales.

2. Sign up for a store credit card...only if you have decent credit, frequent the store, and are able to pay off your balance in full each month. I typically pay off what I charge to a store card as soon as I receive the item and (if needed) have taken care of any returns. Why get a store credit card? So many companies offer extra discounts, rewards, and other incentives. If you can be responsible, it can really pay off.

3. Know a store's pattern. This comes with time. Let's take Express for example. If you're patient you will never have to pay retail on any but the most trendy pieces. The sale that Express has going right now is at least the third major sale this year (I know this from my order history). Classics like the Portofino blouse, bra cami, and Stella leggings normally retail for $50, $20, and $80 respectively. I've never paid more than half of that because I know that eventually the items will cycle back to the sale section.

My Express Breakdown:

Tips 1
Tips 2
Tips 3
I saved $99! $54 from the markdowns (which I knew about from the emails in Tip #1). $30 from a spend $100, get $30 off promo code (which I got because I have an Express credit card). $15 from rewards points (again because of the card). I call that a successful shopping 'trip'!!

Do you have any tips to save money while shopping at your favorite stores? I'd love to hear below!


  1. I'm impressed, especially because it's not like you're skimping on quality! My mom got me this sweater a few months ago for $2, and the original price was $25!

  2. thanks for the tips! you definitely are a savvy smart shopper. that's even better than just scooping everything up at full price on a whim then having shopper's remorse later!! (I've definitely experienced shopper's remorse haha) I loved all these tips- and you always look super cute so that's a total success all around!

  3. that is quite a haul - and getting each item down to nearly $10 is impressive!
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Wow! Great deals and cute clothes! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  5. I LOVE getting deals like this. I've recently gotten some amazing deals from J. Crew and Banana Republic with their extra 40% off sale items, plus I get a student discount from being in grad school, so it really adds up the savings and I can't believe how little I end up spending! That's my kind of shopping! Great quality for a modest price :)


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