Outfit: classic, green + ivory + leopard

Yes I'm finally back! After antibiotic number 3 I am finally feeling like myself again. The good/bad news is that I may be able to have my tonsils removed. Bad news because obviously surgery is no fun; good news because these awful tonsils of mine make me awfully sick 2-4 times every year. Has anyone else had tonsils removed as an adult?? I would love to hear about your experience. You can always email me directly at lauren(at)styleofonesown.com if you prefer to not spill the gory details in the comment section. ;) On to the outfit!!

Outfit: green + ivory + leopard

Outfit: green + ivory + leopard

Outfit: green + ivory + leopard

Outfit: green + ivory + leopard

Blouse - Forever 21 / Green skinnies - J Crew Factory / Leopard belt - Target / Nude flats - Kohl's
Gold chain link necklace - Very Jane / On the lips: MAC Media

This outfit just may be one of my new favorite looks. You gals know I have an obsession with kelly green and what better way to dess up casual kelly green skinnies that with a romantic tie front blouse, chucky gold necklace, and a sassy leopard print belt.?! There's a lot going on in the look so I chose a pair of simple nude flats that will focus attention upward.

I also decided I needed to try the vampy lip look. It was a spur of the moment purchase at MAC. I swear I was ONLY going to do an exchange at Gap and then go on my merry way. But the MAC counter was a little too tempting. The verdict on Instagram was positive but my mom and boyfriend both gave the dark color two thumbs wayyy down. What do you gals think? Feel free to be honest!!

Weekend Recap!

View from 9th floor of one of my favorite hotels  #losangeles #myview #gorgeousday #usc #football #trojans
              View from our floor in one of my favorite Los                    USC vs WS at the LA Memorial Colleseum.
                        Angeles hotels, The Palomar.                                          WS won 10-7 but it was still a great game.

He came back from the bar with not one buy two #cocktails for me!!  Drinking the rainbow I guess. #midorisour #watermelon #cheers #tipsyJust grabbing a couple dozen for the road. Seriously, when these are hot there is no better taste in the world. #krispykreme #doughnuts #nomnom #yummy
               Nightcap or two in the lounge at The Palomar.             I gave the BF one rule. We had to stop at a Krispy
                                                                                                                       Kreme before we hit the road for home. Yum!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Do anything fun?? Please be patient as I get caught up with my internet life which had to take a back seat to getting better last week. I am slowly but surely getting to all my emails and comments. You guys are the best. :)

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  1. I love this feminine blouse. It is just gorgeous! And the pop of leopard with the green is subtle but perfect. I am sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. Prayers to you to get well soon! Susan

  2. I kind of like the darker lip, especially for fall and winter. Your blouse is so pretty, I've been looking for a bow tie blouse. I guess I need to head to F21! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  3. I like the leopard belt with the kelly green jeans. Cute! Glad you're feeling better and hopefully you won't get sick as often as they say.


  4. I love the lip color! You look fantastic!!

  5. New follower!! Love how you added the leopard belt to this outfit! Really makes the look POP!



  6. you look so cute, love the green pants! glad you're feeling better :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  7. Ok, obsessed. I have these pants and I totally need a leopard print belt to go with them! They look amazing together! Also, that top is gorge especially with the chain necklace detail.

  8. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I've been threatened with tonsil removal, but never actually had to do it. I hope you feel better soon! And of course, LOVE the look! Keep using that jewelry, girl! lol

  9. Those pants look fabulous on you! Love the color.

    Xo, Kahana

  10. You are gorgeous!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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