Kohl's 20% Sale

Kohl's is a place that is usually hit or miss for me. If I like a style it's not a given that it 1) fits correctly and 2) is half-way decent quality. I have been looking for a polka-dot sweater and red blazer and these two from Lauren Conrad fit the bill. Everything was 20% off with promo EXCLUSIVE. One thing about Kohl's is they have a great return policy. For $212 I got these all these pieces plus two workout shirts and workout capris. Not too shabby.


Outfit: leopard + green + black + gold

I love thinking of new combinations that work well together. To take this sheer leopard blouse from going out wear to work appropriate I put on this apple green v-neck sweater from Express. Then I threw on a black blazer because it's still a little chilly here in California. And the gold chain was a no-brainer. Gold and green are great together. Gold and leopard are great together. All three together and we have a happy little fashion party happening. At work I got warm so I just rolled up the blazer sleeves. That looked a silly so I cuffed the green sweater over the rolled blazer cuff. "Darn, the blouse's 3/4 length sleeves are peaking out now." "On second thought let me pull them out a little bit more!" Gotta love chiffon with elastic- easy to manipulate. That was just the touch the outfit needed.

Leopard chiffon blouse - old, local shop (similar)
Green sweater - Express
Black Blazer - H&M (similar)
Pointe Pants - LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Boots - Famous Footwear 
Watch - Akribos gold chain link via Gilt (similar)
Necklace - Target (clearance item, not online; similar)

Wow do I ever have a new appreciation for the fashion bloggers of the world! Setting up and managing to take a decent, well-lit picture where one doesn't look like an ogre or is half out the frame is quite the undertaking. My picture taking skills need major improvement.


JewelMint goodies

Forgive me budget for I have sinned. I told myself no more shopping for clothes/jewelry/accessories/shoes this month. But then JewelMint had to go send me an email this morning with a promo code for 2 pieces for the price of one. Normally everything on the site is $29.99. For $15 each I just could not say no to these two lovelies. Especially the necklace. Yellow cream and sky blue with pearls and silver? Yes please!

If you're not already a member of JewelMint you can use this link to join for free. Be warned though, they will charge you $30 a month once you input your credit card information. This amount goes 100% toward a credit on your account. You can opt out each month. I DO NOT like this about their site but I think there jewelery is cute enough to deal with the inconvenience of logging in and opting out the first five days of the month. Even if you opt out you can still place an order at any time.


Tory Burch sale on HauteLook!

There's a Tory Burch sale at HauteLook this morning! I'm pretty sure the sale has crashed the site because it took me numerous tries to log in and view the sale. Tory has such great, classic pieces. I would love to one day add some of the classic flats and a big purse to my collection but for now that is just not in the budget! These three blouses are cute as can be but $189 for a shirt? Yeah, no, not happening at this point.

Santa did however bring me a sewing machine for Christmas along with the Colette Sewing Handbook.... and I've made it my 2013 goal to learn how to sew. I did manage to set up my sewing machine and tailor a pair of pants all on my own last weekend. Baby steps. Anyhow, I'm thinking these would be fabulous inspiration pieces to work towards making one day.


If you aren't a member of HauteLook you can use this link to join!


Sucker for a sale, especially a J Crew one

Darn you J Crew Factory for your emails! You should know I can't pass up a sale, especially a J Crew one. I have come to really love this store. Many of my go-to pieces for layering are J Crew Factory. Don't even get me started on their amazing jewelery. Here are my picks:

  Factory Tissue Cardigan $9.09 (w/ 30% off code GETMORE)

 Factory Shoulder-pleat Blouse $20.99 (w/ 30% off code GETMORE) 

 Factory Charley Sweater $24.50

The damage with tax was $175. I had a $40 return credit so the out of pocket cost was $135. Not bad considering I'm adding 7 new (and highly versatile) pieces to my wardrobe.

My best budget shopping tip is to constantly think about how you can mix and match a particular item. You want to get the most mileage out of a piece. I mentally mix and match with clothes I already have at home in my closet and with other clothes I'm considering buying. If you do this enough it becomes second nature and I promise it actually makes shopping easier! No more impulse buys that you take home and realize you have nothing that matches.

For example, just off the top of my head I'm thinking the mint jeans and coral top would be great together and the purple cardigan would be great with the turquoise blouse and the floral sweater. The sweater vest is for layering between a button-up and a cardigan. Since it's black it will work with nearly every button-up and cardigan I have. I also have plans for the navy striped shirt. I just custom tailored a pair of navy skinny pants that I got for a steal at Burlington Coat Factory. For spring, how cute would the striped shirt, navy skinnies, and a chunky red necklace be?


Style of One's Own: First Post!

Hello world! I'm Lauren. waves I'm 24 and I live in beautiful California. I have a serious passion for style and all things girly. I believe that you do not have to spend a lot of money to put together a fantastic wardrobe. I believe that every girl can be stylish regardless of age, size, or financial status.

One of my 2013 goals is to start a blog to share my passion and my journey of developing a style of one's own. You see, it was only last year that I really started to develop a style. My style prior to last year consisted of pants (jeans or khakis) and simple, neutral colored t-shirts. Most of what I owned was unflattering. It wasn't so horrible that you'd ever see me on What Not To Wear, but certainly I was very plain jane with no distinct style. Yet I've always admired those girls who look effortlessly put together and stylish.

Between December of 2011 and spring of 2012 I lost weight (two sizes!) and got into my ideal shape. I decided, hey, why can't I be one of those stylish girls? What's keeping me from changing my style? I had to buy new clothes anyway. So I slowly redid my wardrobe and started paying attention to what worked on other ladies. I read fashion books, blogs, magazines, you name it. For the first time I really put effort into layering and mixing and matching.

I had a little moment of victory when my boyfriend looked over my shoulder while I was reading a fashion blog on my iPad and said, "I can definitely see your style in those looks." Me? Style? :) Why thank you!

You can read more about my story here. Here's to a new year and continuing to develop a style of my own!
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