Outfit: black + polka dots + gold

I'm not really in love with this outfit looking back on the pictures. I think it looked better in my head! Oh well. An ongoing issue I have is my very wide hips and a small waist. A lot of shirts (and in this case cardigan) creep up. You can see the bunching with the black cardigan. I love this blouse though!

Polka dot blouse - Forever 21
Black cardigan - J Crew Factory
Black pointe pants - Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Slouchy black boots - similar
Gold chain necklace - similar


Outfit: winter blues

Can I just say I am sick sick sick of the cold?! And I really should not even be complaining. It's in the 50's here in California. And the east coast is buried in the snow. I am just pathetically unable to tolerate the cold. I drive my boyfriend and I'm sure everyone else crazy. I see all these fashion bloggers posing in the snow in a dress and tights and I'm in awe. Because, honestly? I would have a blue nose and be shaking like a chihuahua. In my next life I totally plan on being warm-blooded. I'm really ready for spring! I ended up liking this 'cold weather' outfit a lot though. Very comfortable and cozy.

Blue pea coat - Target <on clearence now for $34!
White sweater - old, Anthropologie similar
Blue gingham - ? similar
Pearls cluster necklace - old, Forever 21 similar


My picks from the Prabal Gurung for Target collection

I have to force myself to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to color. It is way too easy for me to gravitate toward wearing darks and neutrals. I checked out the Prabal Gurung for Target collection today. I picked up one piece in store and ordered the other three online. If you like brights this is the collection for you! These 'toned-down' brights were right up my alley. There were a lot of pieces I liked but for me they felt a little too bright. Such as this bright floral blazer. 

Entire collection here.


Outfit: blue & white stripes + green blazer

Another outfit with green! I love green: kelly green, emerald, jade, mint, sea-foam,  I love them all. I think blondes especially look great in green. I am pretending it isn't still winter apparently as well. This is the striped shirt from this post along with a green blazer, jeans, slouchy black boots, and my gold chain necklace. I have yet to get tired of my gold chain necklace! Best $12 Target purchase in a long time.

Sadly, my gold Akribos watch bit the dust the night I wore this outfit. I was out having drinks and the clasp failed and it shattered on the concrete. R.I.P. I'm hoping I can get a replacement since it is under warranty *fingers crossed*.

Blue and white striped 3/4 length tee - J Crew
Green blazer - (old) Kohls similar
Skinny jeans - J Crew Factory (old) similar
Gold chain necklace - Target, not on web similar
Black slouchy boots - local really similar

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