I'm Lauren. I'm a 20-something California girl. I'm currently killing time at a desk job while I'm going back to college to work on my teaching credential (High School English- woo!). When not working or blogging I love to spend time with family and friends, snuggle with my fur babies (Kate and Molly), garden (yep, because I'm a little old lady at heart), read, take ridiculous amounts of pictures, workout, and travel every chance I get. Here's a little bit of my story and how/why I came to start this little fashion/life blog.

Getting into shape:

Skinny fat. If you read any fitness/health magazines or blogs you've probably heard the term. Basically it means you don't look horribly over-weight but your health is about as great (sarcasm) as someone who is over-weight. You don't put any effort into eating right or exercising. You pretty much escape becoming over-weight with your decent metabolism.

This was totally me. For all of my teen years I ate horridly. And the most physical activity I did was being forced to walk laps in PE (which of course ended when I was about 14). And when I say I ate horrid I mean it. Fast food 2-3 times a day, junk food snacks, and 15+ cans of Dr. Pepper. All of that caught up to me in my 20s. I felt horrible and had gained 25 pounds of fat.  A lady never shares her weight but I will say that with making healthy changes I went from being a size 8 to a size 4. And I feel great. I don't get winded walking up the stairs. I started by cutting soda and lost 8 pounds really fast. In January of 2012 I put together a healthy diet plan for myself with a slight reduction in calories. The diet combined with working out helped me lose the rest over a period of about eight months.

....And realizing I needed a new wardrobe like yesterday:

I have never been one of those cute, always put-together girls. I envy them. Other than an unfortunate few teenage years where I wore everything as short and tight as can be I have always tended to wear loose clothes. I think this started because I was so freakishly tall and thin as a child (but I've always had wide hips). So I had to buy larger size pants to fit my hips but I swam in them because I have like negative butt. I have decent sized shoulders but no boobs so again, I had to buy larger sizes and then swam in them. This was all I knew so I think when I started buying my own clothes I just continued the trend.

I had very little style to speak of pre-2012. Whatever was clean and easiest was what I wore. I had no clue how to layer or mix and match. It was flared khakis at work and flared jeans when I was off. This resulted in some very unfortunate looks (flared jeans, flats, baggy sweater=not good look). When I lost weight something odd happened...I gained self-confidence and a new type of self-awareness. I spent a good deal of time and money figuring out just what my 'style' is. I read all the blogs I could find, read several fashion 'bibles', and Pinned like a madwoman on Pinterest. Then I started experimenting with layering and mixing and matching. I should mention that I (sadly) do not have unlimited funds. I put together a decent size wardrobe for about $1,200. I love cheap stores, outlets, bargain shops, and sales. I've been teaching myself how to tailor so I can make cheap clothes look like they were made for me. And the best part was that I discovered I really (I mean really) like fashion. Before I stood at my closet in dread. Now I get almost giddy putting outfits together. I feel so much better and more confident as well. Wearing an outfit you love is the greatest mood/self-esteem booster I have found. I started this blog in January 2013 to share my love of fashion and also as a personal diary of my outfits/purchases. Thanks for reading!  
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